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If you've come along to look at my work as a writer or musician, or maybe for a marketing strategy, thanks.  

Take a look around and if there's something you'd like to ask, or if you'd like to get in touch to see how I might be able to help, 

drop me an email

If you'd like to listen to some music while you're here there's a curated player in the Music section below, and a lot more on other players, separated loosely into genres for writing & performance with a separate player for production only.

If you'd like to talk to me about a marketing problem you're having, or wold like a full CV, please feel free to ask.

And for regular visitors to the 21 Million blog, I'll be relocating it here soon.



2022 wasn't such a bad year! I was honoured to be asked to make a contribution to the latest album by the Orb as a guitarist .

PRISM was released in April 2023 to good critical acclaim and a #1 chart position in the official Dance Music chart as well as top ten spots in pretty much all the album charts.

In other news, my screenplay for the pilot episode of a TV series is with Star Wars & Indiana Jones producer Robert Watts. The story follows a disgraced CIA Analyst as he tries to clear his name while being given the ultimate choice: destroy the world's economy and create anarchy or spend the rest of his life in prison.  I have everything crossed...

'Proper' work...

I occasionally still get involved in marketing, so when the NHS invited me to develop strategy & creative for a campaign to

promote IAPT (Improved Access to Psychological Therapies) for

the NHS Kent & Medway Trust, I was very happy to help.  The strategy was to normalise the idea of asking for help with mental health and encourage self-referral via a triage-style landing page.


5 minute videos of service users speaking about their positive experiences of talking therapies were cut to a series of 45" clips as core content. 

You can see the full campaign here:



Everyone has a novel in them apparently. In my case it's three, although only the one story.

Book One: Set in the late 1970s & early 80s, The Genesis Code deals with seven young women who are brought together in their

final university year by Benazir Bhutto, who sets them the task of creating a better future world.

Their creation will change the world.

But will it be for the better?

Book Two: Children of Satoshi introduces Benjamin, the son of one of Bhutto's seven women and now a framed CIA cryptographer

who must run for his life to assemble fragments of computer code. Only by uploading them to the Bitcoin network can he prove his innocence. But in doing so, he will push a reset button on the world but the two outcomes are a terrible choice he must make. 

Book Three - The Satoshi Code, deals with the aftermath of Ben's decision. Whatever that may be.

Commercial Copywriting

I've had a pretty good career working in the advertising industry, from dispatch rider to creative director & CEO, so I've written a fair bit of copy.

I've covered everything from press ads for public floatations to prospectus documents & technical White Papers for fundraising, taking in radio & TV commercials, press releases for future-tech companies, tender & bid documents and film scripts & screenplays.

I took a classic car insurance company to the #1 organic SEO position in two months by writing a blog.  I've even done my share of social media content. 

So apart from finishing my own novel, there's not much I haven't written.